60-Year Class Reunion

Here we are, Mighty Fine, we're the Class of '59!  You know what that means?  Next year, 2019, we will celebrate our 60-year high school reunion. In the past we've enjoyed many happy times together reminiscing about our days at Neshaminy and creating special new memories at our reunions.

To start our planning process, the Reunion Committee would first like to know what time of the year the majority of you would select for our reunion.

Once that is determined, next item on the agenda will be the location for our Saturday banquet.  Following that, the activities for Friday and Sunday will be planned.

Classmates will be able to view collective group results but WILL NOT be able to view each Classmate's specific answers (like Administrators can).  Individual answers are never displayed to site members for privacy purposes.

Please bear with us - this is the first time we've used the Survey portion of our website.

Thank you!

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