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09/21/19 02:14 PM #110    


Dorothy Riggs (Barrett)


From Dorothy Barrett, proud 1959 graduate and fan of Harry and Joan Franks

Roy, I am having an argument with a friend who says high school football makes money for the schools. Since I moved to Florida, I notice that we are part of the southern football phenomenon where a stadium can cost $60,000,000 (this figure comes from Texas. A $72,000,000 proposal for a football stadium was just turned down in Katy). I can't seem to find the information on the web that lay out the total costs either for Neshaminy or for our local schools.

Does anyone know how much the renamed and revamped "Harry Franks" stadium at Neshaminy cost, what year it was rededicated/revamped (including lights), how much the stadium costs to operate for each game, what the helmets, uniforrms and accessories (like weight room) cost on average per year,and how donations and contributions, ticket sales and football-related paraphernalia (like hats and sweatshirts) augment the budget and what the costs are to outfit and equip the marching band and the color guard and pay the extra staff including security, coaches, and teachers who put in extra time for the team? How long is the season? Who else uses the stadium (does track?) Are there equally expensive per capita offerings like hockey, track, wrestling, tennis, golf, basketball, and volleyball available for all (I assume there are no girls on the football team).





09/22/19 01:23 PM #111    

Susan Hall (DeCrescente)

Hi Dorothy,

Perhpas the current Principal could direct you to the source for answers to your questions.  Below is his contact information:

Good Luck!



Phone: 215-809-6100


Principal Ryan Staub

I am honored to serve as Principal of Neshaminy High School for the 2019-20 school year.  For the past seventeen years, I have held roles in the field of education that include high school Social Studies Teacher, Dean of Students, Athletic Director, Assistant Principal, Supervisor of Guidance and Principal.  I look forward to working with our highly qualified and dedicated staff this year to continue to maximize learning opportunities for students.  Neshaminy High School is truly a special place with rich traditions in academics, athletics and music. I encourage all students to get involved outside the classroom and to explore their passions.

Please feel free to reach out should you need assistance . . . . or just to say hello. 

09/24/19 08:44 AM #112    


Nancy Forrest (Stockburger)

Dorothy, The school board votes  on the budgets for expenses .  I would imagine that information is recorded in the board records. I know the marching band needed new uniforms for way too long, finally the school board approved the cost to replace the well worn old uniforms with new , that was about one year ago.  I have had the opportunity to attend a few band competitions and football games at NHS , to me the stadium looks much the same as it did back in our day.  The scoreboard and field has probably been replaced, the restrooms and snack areas have been added new.  It’s really nostalgic to sit in the stand and remember marching across the field with the NHS marching band.  

11/28/19 01:22 PM #113    


Earl Patterson

Thanks for birthday wishes from all the classmates, and a happy thanksgiving to all of our "59 classmates.

03/04/20 05:05 PM #114    

Susan Hall (DeCrescente)

Hi Roy,

Yes, I saw in the paper that the BLUE TEAM WON!  Woo Hoo - especially since I was on the Blue Team in the past.  Didn't realize it had been 14 years since their last victory.  Hope they had as much fun as we did during Gym Night.  Know it has changed greatly - but then what hasn't?



03/23/20 02:33 PM #115    

Roy Mitchell

Hi to everyone in the class. I hope everyone is staying well during this time, sofar we have been ok. It has been very boring just staying around the house, once in a while we run to the store but   that is just about it. Take care.  Roy M.

08/14/20 08:56 PM #116    

Roy Mitchell

Thanks to everyone who has sent me best wishes for my Birthday.

08/15/20 10:11 AM #117    

Vincent Siravo

Hi Roy, I did not se  your Birthday notice. Sorry , hope you had a Great Birthday!!! 

08/15/20 08:45 PM #118    

Roy Mitchell

Thanks Vince it seems like yesterday we were in school .. Hope you are doing well how is your new place doing.  Thanks again. Roy

08/15/20 08:58 PM #119    

Roy Mitchell

To John Herold Thanks. I am doing very well it seems like yesterday you were in the area with Ron Hill he is still living in the area. That is great that you finished another book. Sure my address                          338 ELMWOOD AVE.  FEASTERVILLE  PA.,  19053                                  I hope you and your wife are staying well keep wearing your mask.      Take care Roy Mitchell

10/01/20 12:16 PM #120    

Roy Mitchell

OK group Neshaminy starts football season off this Friday. Suburban One League Football Top 10 schedule gets underway on Friday. Dose not say who they are playing in Friday's paper it will say who they are playing. Ok everyone hope everyone is well.   Roy M.

10/02/20 03:14 PM #121    

Roy Mitchell

Football tonight-- CB South at Abington   CR North at Bensalem  CB West at Pennsbury  Pennridge at CB West  Hatboro-Horsham at CR South  North Penn at Neshaminy  New Hope-Solebury at Upper Moreland  Quakerown at Souderton  Willian Tennent at Springfield..... NESHAMINY SCHOOLS are back to the class room.                                The League added New Hope-Solebury for football this season and Lower Moreland will join the SOL in football in 2021.   Cheltenham &  Harry S Truman both opted out of fall sports because of the PANDEMIC.

10/04/20 04:15 PM #122    

Roy Mitchell

Neshaminy 35 North Penn 19  CB East won 28-21  CR SOUTH 14 HATBORO-HORSHAM 6  Springfield 14 Tennent 6  Upper Moreland 21 New Hope-Solebury 7  Pennridge 35 CB West 14  Pennington School 21 Bristol 0  Abington 42 CB South 28  CR North 40 Bensalem 6

10/11/20 04:52 PM #123    

Roy Mitchell

Pennridge 30  Neshaminy 0   CR Noburyrth 31 Souderton 8  Quakertown42  CR South 7   Upper Moreland 14 Tennent 9   North Penn 44 Pennsbury 20   New Hope-Solesbury 45  Spring Field 35         Palisades 35 Bangor 0   Abington 28 CB West 20   Bristol 24 Kutztown 19   Upper Dublin 42 Bensalem 8...

11/25/20 02:26 PM #124    

Roy Mitchell

Thanks Sue have a great Thanksgiving. Everyone else have a wonderful Holiday.

11/26/20 12:43 PM #125    

Susan Hall (DeCrescente)

Hi Roy,

Appreciate the Happy Thanksgiving message.  Hope all is well with you and loved ones!




11/28/20 01:59 PM #126    


Wayne Berry

It's been a while since I posted on the forum and for that I apologize. We've been very busy throughout 2020 and it seems that the new year may be quite the same.

Anita and I are recovering from the COVID virus and if you haven't had it, know this: it is without a doubt a very debilitating health issue. I am quite sure I was very close to losing Anita. What's really puzzling, we followed all the rules and really didn't travel outside the home except for necessities. We think Anita contracted it when she went to the Fort Campbell Army Post to get a flu shot, if not there, we have no clue.

Anyway, we're saddened at the loss of some of our fellow Neshaminy friends  and apologize for not responding with condolences. We love you guys tons and pray you'll have a great 2021 (get the snow shovels out!). A thought: is it possible that some of us will turn 80 this year???



11/29/20 05:00 PM #127    

Vincent Siravo

Good to hear from you Wayne. Glad youand Anita recovered from your bout with Covid. Hopefully , this will be behind  us in the near future.

11/30/20 09:07 AM #128    


Dorothy Riggs (Barrett)

Anita and Wayne,

The very good news is that you two have recovered from this vicious disease;  the bad news is that you took the right precautions and still were exposed. It is a wake-up call to realize that someone you know was ill and almost lost a loved one.  Hopefully, we will all use common sense, get vaccinated when possible, and have an uncomplicated, safe journey to age 80. 

Dorothy Riggs Barrett

11/30/20 03:13 PM #129    

Charlotte Held (Devlin)

I want to thank all my classmates for the birthday wishes. My husband and I are doing great down here in South Carolina.

03/14/21 09:10 PM #130    

Roy Mitchell

Hi everyone sorry to here about Bob Sammartino. I first met Bob here in Trevose. We both belonged to then the, it was called then, Trevose Heights Fire Co.. It is called now Lower Southampton Fire Co, and the rescue squad is located on Bridgetown Pike. Back then the fire company and the rescue squad were together. I found out through my wife that his sister is a teacher in Neshaminy School District. Getting our shots tomorrow at St. Mary's I hope you have yours. Take care stay save Roy M.

05/29/21 12:56 PM #131    

John Gehbauer


06/05/21 11:48 AM #132    

Barbara Vaughan (Hunt)

Thank you all who sent special birthday wishes.  I'm sorry I'm so late in getting this message to you, but I do appreciate all your kindness and patience.  It was a great day - one I'll always remember!  BARB

07/04/21 07:31 PM #133    

Kathie Warner (Kirkpatrick)

I am so sad to hear of Celie's passing. She was a special person.

07/06/21 04:17 PM #134    

Vincent Siravo

Very sad hearing of Celie's Passing!!

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