65 Year Reunion Survey Continued

Greetings Mates!

To prepare for our 65-year reunion next year, first the Reunion Committee would like to determine the best time of the year for our event.  Those of you who are Snow Birds will probably have a preferance so please let us know the month that suits you best.

This is the first step - determine a date and then the location.  For starters, Jimmy plans to visit Northampton Valley Country Club, Richboro, where we've had the past two "un-reunions" as well as Spring Mill Country Club, Warminster, PA.  Suggestions for other locations welcome.

Your feedback will be appreciated.  This is the first time to use the Survey function of our website. Classmates will be able to view collective group ressults (not sure what that means) but WILL NOT be able to view each Classmate's specific answers like Administrators can.  Individual answers are never displayed to site members for privacy purposes.

So please bear with us - not sure how this works.

Hope to hear from you all!

The Reunion Committee

PS - to reply to this Survey, on the left side select CONTACT US.  Fill in your e-mail, name and add comments.  Thank you!